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August 2, 2008 by SilentMage
I must admit, I've killed quite a few people in my life. Hell, I've killed hundreds of thousands of people. Not just young people -- I've gunned down old people, too. Animals and other creatures, wild and domesticated, all were in the scope, too, cuz I believe in equal opportunity.

Oh, did I mention I've done all this in my video games?

Yup, like most gamers who are diehard FPS and 3PS (3rd-person shooters), I have slained plenty of men and women who figured it would be better to go u...
July 21, 2008 by SilentMage
I find it convenient that the one blog I make in several years ends up being one hosted by a company who's game I don't play much, but a game that I purchased every single expansion for.

How much money you want to bet on this blog not getting past one entry?  Let's begin!